Same Terms as all Volunteers/Members/Executives with Country Managers, an Application form fee ₦5,000.-Non Refundable, see terms before applying. (Five Thousand Naira only) into the above named bank account, with proof of payments submitted with your application form for procesings.All Registered Volunteers, State Governor/Coordinators and Country Managers and Local Government Administrator, must leave a forwarding contact email address and will all be co-opted into African-British International if found to have been Abroad briefly to Appreciate the Returnees Plight for Support.WE ARE NOT VISA AGENT(S), OR AN EMBASSY LINK FOR VISA(S) PROCUREMENT, WE ARE SIMPLY AFRICAN-BRITISH DIASPORA RETURNEES SOCIO-NETWORKING ORGANISATION TO EMPOWER AND TO ENSURE THE NECESSARY RESETTLEMENT TO AFRICAN COUNTRIES WITH ONLINE SERVICES ONLY.

Country Managers:
Conditions: Same Terms as all Volunteers/Members including annual subscription payment of ₦50,000. (Fifty Thousand NAIRA. only) into the above mentioned bank account details (within three months of membership-Induction) with proof of deposit slip and completed application form sent/Courier to: “Harmony Court Estate, 2 Hope street off Iju road, Iju Fagba, Lagos, NIGERIA” The Country manager in turn plan out position(s), recruitments for the Country States/Provinces/Regions and County with close talk consultation and Agreement with the BOT at the International HQ in Lagos Nigeria. The Country Managers Team will be Country Manager, Country Secretary General, and Country Accountant General.

State Governors/Coordinators
Conditions: Same Terms as all Volunteers/Members including annual subscription payment of ₦20,000. (Twenty Thousand NAIRA. only) into the above mentioned bank account details(within three months of membership/Volunteer) with proof of deposit slip and completed application form with proof of Identification, submit / Courier to: “Harmony Court Estate, 2 Hope street off Iju road, Iju Fagba, Lagos, NIGERIA” In Nigeria we would have three Executive Members only to run each namely a. State Governor/Coordinator, b. State Auditor and State Secretary that must be a female. Must all have lived in Europe (People who have never traveled to Europe before but have a passion and desire to accommodate social migration) before and Professionals Or in a fully gained Employment, ₦20, 000.Registration/membership forms (Non-Refundable)& Annual ₦20,000. Fees after Induction decorated and listed on our website to prevent Identity Fraud/Impersonation. Each State Executives(3), will in turn place in an advert positions for their LGA in their State and work with the BOT to use the Annual ₦10,000/LGA as their initial operating funding to run the State Charity Affairs.

LGA. Chairman/Administrator
Conditions: Same Terms as all Honorable Volunteers/Members including annual subscription payment of ₦10,000 (Ten thousand NAIRA only. only) into the above mentioned bank account details(within three months of membership/Volunteer) with proof of deposit slip and completed application form and proof of Identification, submit / Courier to: “Harmony Court Estate, 2 Hope street off Iju road, Iju Fagba, Lagos, NIGERIA” The LGA are the foot soldiers and close to the people that we want to bring changes to and they have the responsibilities to be Creative/ do Exploits ,Signs and Wonders meeting Traditional Rulers, Religious Bodies and Community Leaders for Poverty Alleviation Projects/Trainings/Farm Seedlings/Cooperatives etc to stimulate improved humanitarian projects to bring upgrades and attract Donations to the Organization. All these activities must be agreed with the State Executives and approved with the BOT for Clarity.

HONORABLE VOLUNTEERS: Must be a serious minded individuals/Students/Professional/Business Generals with Stable Income. We only require an hour of your time to be online and see what support you can give the Returning Africans from their Overseas Sourjour and willing to be part of Nation building and adding value to all forms of Humanity Activities. You will need to duly fill a Completed membership Application Form with A non-refundable ₦5,000.into the Organization Banking details and your full style will be listed on the website to prevent identity fraud, annual subscription fees is ₦5,000. As we are a Charity/NGO other forms of Donations will be welcomed and as Reservist Soldiers on ground to be mobilized on a short notice for any of the UNICEF/UNESCO/USAID/WATERAID projects. Once your situation changes by having being abroad, please notify us for your immediate upgrade.

Africans Citizens with British Citizenship (Dual Nationalities)

Africans Citizens with British Residency (Dual Nationalities)

Any Returning Senior African Citizen/Diplomats/Professionals/Expatriates/Community Leader

Multiple British VISA holders/Students/Employments

Any Serious Minded African


A prospective visitor to the UK/See Terms

(a UK visa holder)

The above requirement is simply and added advantage; however, anyone with the drive and capacity to accommodate social migration change to better humanity will be qualified to be a member even without the above terms.


African-British reserves the right to delist any of the BOTs, country managers, state governors, local government chairmen and honourable volunteers who had not exercised their rights as annual fees paying executives as contained in their different portfolios spelt out by the organisation after a period of 12 months without consultation. Thank you

Director General

Print and Fill the downloaded form


The organization can start in any state or country by “door to door” neighbour to neighbour “campaign to bring together group of enthusiastic individuals/volunteers, since “African-British” is nonprofit organization, the volunteers should be aware at the onset that the “idea” is to get people together with U. K experience on how they can be of help to each other.

By getting involved you get engaged, educated /occupied and exchange cross social –cultural ideas/ customs and you now have a leverage to pursue other life Endeavour “either helping people to help themselves” African-British is purely social networking plat form where members are secured and freely connect each other through our facebook and twitters.

Every state or country must have three members of executive committees that run the day to day affairs where others (limitless) volunteers – registered.

Each country will have to liaise with the HQ annually to review all receivables, over heads and expenses, and format the “African-British” constitution.

These three officers alone are sufficient to establish a country /state chapter of the organization.

These executive expenses will be discussed at the HQ level where all the state coordinators, country managers and link administrators are determined and ratified with BOT authority.

Each Country “African – British” will have their constitution under the law of the country (see African – British constitution for guidance) please contact “African – British” HQ or download online with the entire requirement and submit to the HQ in Lagos.

[email protected]


African –British Returnees organization is primarily a socio- philanthropic organization in the process of providing social networking among volunteers that would facilitate the objectives and mission of the nonprofit organization and empower humanity.

This is to provide opportunities for retuning African back to their home, countries and getting first hand information’s from settled returnees about the objectives of emigrants enumerated which are accurate transparent and secured with the necessary security agents in the countries mark of approval.

These privilege information’s among volunteering members are to enhance opportunities and confidence to want to “return –home” develop professionally the members in quality information exchange, knowledge and experiences that are genius and making new contacts.

The organization is almost completely dependent on (i) State Governors (ii) Country manager (iii) Local Government Chairmen and (iv) link administrator, for Revenues/Income from Annual dues and fees from its income and Receivables, including Local and International Organization, NGO, WORSHIP CENTRES etc, who find it within their means and are encouraged to assist by volunteering or donating to the organization good courses and empowerments programmed that are welcome and acknowledged



Account Number: 101942149, Account Bank : ZENITH BANK PLC, (IKEJA LAGOS).



Account Number: 2691941016, Account Bank: FCMB PLC,(ISAAC JOHN GRA IKEJA)

Eligibility for Membership & Executive Country Managers(54 Countries in Africa and South Sudan), 36 State Coordinators/Governors in Nigeria including Abuja, the federal Capital Local Government Administrators(786) in the Nigeria federation, with Nigeria as a pilot project for the whole Africa.

Must have been in Europe/Britain for a minimum period of time to appreciate the Africans in Diaspora’s plight and be Compassionate volunteer to want to help in addressing the plights of the “African-British” Returnees. Every State Coordinator/Governor, Secretary and Accountant/Auditor MUST BE a BRITISH CITIZEN/RESIDENT AND RESIDING IN NIGERIA WITH Permanent full time Employments/Business.

Asides from the aforementioned terms, you can apply for Executive Positions (COUNTRY MANAGERS, STATE GOVERNORS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMEN AND HONOURABLE VOLUNTEERS) without having travelled abroad, as long as you are in a paid Employment (Public/Private Enterprise) to be grateful to God and want to Return to Humanity in the Abundance of Grace and Prosperities.

This is an Non Governmental/Charity Organization & we do not pay salaries/remunerations/bonuses and wages, instead all we require is that you spend two hours online every week browsing the site “” to find out who wants to Return back to Africa and what possible ADVICE you can RENDER! DO NOT GIVE MONIES OR MONETARY INSTRUMENTS! These Returnees are not DESTITUTES/DISABLES/REFUGEES COMING TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY’S IN AFRICA.

Our only JOY and GRATEFULNESS is to be off ASSISTANCE to these RETURNEES are to feel Gods Grace and convinced of our HUMANITARIAN GESTURES with no Financial Rewards/Gratifications, but a pipe and blessing to others in your abundance favour/grace/mercies/and love thyself as thy neighbour.

Our sources of REVENUE/INCOMES are DONATIONS (CASH+KIND)/ Annual Dues as Independent officers as Country Managers-₦50,000, State Coordinators/Governors-₦20,000. with both state and Country Managers having three(3)Executives Respectively as follows: Making Nigeria as pilot project for the rest of African Countries as follows: Each State will have a State Coordinator/Governor-₦20,000 ,State Secretary-₦10,000 and State Auditors/Accountant-₦10,000 ANNUAL DUES to the NGO. (These Positions are strictly for British Citizens/British Passport Dual Citizenship-Holders/Residents & Verified)

We have registered with International NGO/CHARITY Organisations for support such as UNESCO, UNICEF, USAID, WATER AID ETC & Transparency International for all Personal Credibility Checks.

General Volunteers with Credible Verified Status will be required NATIONWIDE and they will be listed on our websites and their Contacts and Photographs updated annually to prevent Identity FRAUD. Every Position/BOT/Executives and Volunteers will be required to download and returned filled applications form with Non-Refundable ₦5,000. Into our Bank Accounts Details Nationwide. BOT will always meet quarterly to review membership applications for registrations/inductions and listed on our site.


Prospective Executives as State Coordinators/Governors (Nigeria), and Country Managers-Africa,
must be aware that for these positions-You must be a British Passport Holder/Dual Citizenship, and for the State Secretary and State-Auditor/Accountant-You can either hold a British Passport OR Residency/Right of Abode on Valid Nigerian Passport(not other Nationality in Nigeria). and All of the above must download an online Application form, filled,& duly signed with 4-passports photographs, Bank deposit slip/receipt for the Non-Refundable ₦5,000.into our designated ZENITH AND FCMB BANK Details below with full Curriculum vitae /full specifications (Status/Education/Employment).

These Completed documents with proof of Identity(data page of International Passport)& Proof of Address-(utility bills/statements),make a scanned soft copies to our email addresses as follows: [email protected]. and [email protected],& post through Recorded delivery Reputable Courier Services to: Harmony Court Estate, 2 Hope street off Iju road, Iju Fagba, Lagos, NIGERIA, we would respond to your application within 2-weeks of receipt and inform you your of the outcome of your Application & tell you what next thing to do as a Membership plan.
Once you are successful, we will notify on your email address and open a relationship of correspondence with you until your Induction Ceremony at the Close of the Quarter at an Agreed Venue of the BOT Location usually in either Lagos, Portharcourt and Abuja, your Choice.

3.The Executives in the State( Governor/Secretary, & Accountants), will in turn print advertisement for All the Local Government Chairmen/Administrators in each state with a Non-refundable N10,000. Registration Application forms and with an Annual Membership Dues of ₦10,000/Annually and paid to the State Administration Account these will be set up in synergy with HQ, for transparency.

These funds will be available including Grants/Donations & Kinds for the State and Local Council, to embark on their Empowerment/Socio-Philanthropic Projects in the Society for Returning African Empowerment & Social Community Responsibilities as agreed with the HQ in all Projects/Exercise.

The HQ will continue to do Exploits and Wonders in the provisions of responsible Rehabilitation Programmes and Empowerment to foster the purpose of the African British Returnees -Organisation in the World.

The Local Government Councils/ Administrators will reach out to the Grass Roots, Street to Street, Village to Village, Door to Door, the Traditional Rulers, Ex-Politicians who still want to redistribute to alleviate poverty and empower the less Privilege and Physically Challenged in the Community


The African British Returnees Volunteers (AFBRV) programme is the NGO organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. Volunteerism can transform the peace and nature of development, and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. AFBRV contributes to peace and development by advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilising volunteers. All you need to be AFBRV is to have fully registered by downloading registration forms online with the payment of statutory ₦5,000 fee only.

AFBRV is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful mans of engaging people in tacking development challenges worldwide. Everyone can contribute their time, skill and knowledge through IT, volunteer action and their combined efforts can be a significant force for achieving peace and development. Volunteering make important economic and social contributions, to a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. It can be both challenging and rewarding and require you to use your skill in a new context. You can also transfer useful knowledge while gaining a greater training understanding of the issue affecting other people. AFBRV are an Equal Opportunity NGO Organization

Read more about volunteerism for peace and development.

At the request of UN agencies, national governments and other partners, AFBRV mobilises close to 800 volunteers to work in development Assistance project and in Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations. Although UN Volunteers from diverse professional and technical backgrounds are always in demand, there are particular areas of expertise where potential volunteers with relevant backgrounds and skills are more frequently requested. Volunteer of Volunteers of AFBRV are exempted from annual fees registrations like the Executives.

Read more about what it means to be a UN Volunteer.

Support AFBRV and UN Volunteers in the field.

AFBRV Programme Officer (AFBRVPOs) are volunteers assigned by AFBRV to the task of representing UNV at the country level in additional to managing the needs and expectations of other UN Volunteers assigned to that country. Read the stories of two current UNV Pos

Are you interested and/or available to volunteer your time and skills on a short-term assignment of three months or less? All Bio-data details of the AFBRV will be listed on our website to prevent identity Fraud. For information on serving in countries other than your own as an international UN Volunteer, go to register to be a UN Volunteer. For information on serving in your own country as a national UN Volunteer, please contact your local UNV or UNDP office. Disciplinary Committee from the State/HQ/COUNTRY are Available to manage the AFBRV in dispute and crises and can summarily delist any erring Volunteers from the Org. Through the UNV online Volunteering services, volunteers can take action for sustainable human development by supporting the activities of development organizations over the internet.

For information about how to become an online volunteer and about the UNV Online Volunteering services, visit the Online Volunteering services website AND www. and you must duly be in a paid employment OR have your own business all you do as an AFBRV is to browse for a minimum of 2hours daily and use the INTERNET only to respond to Returnees Challenges and Inquiries.

When the need for physical mobilisations are needed for Community Projects you will be Contact if you are free to participate in your community free, but acknowledge and decorated with Medical Afterwards.

Al-Ja’afaru BRAIMOH

Founder/Director General.