To establish a “Hospice” of Home away from home and relationship of belonging among the Africans who had emigrated back to Africa from the WEST, particularly BRITAIN

For the Returned “Africans” not to feel Alienated from their new host Community,in African Countries, the comfort and luxury of British lifestyle will be accorded to their “Home Sweet Home” as follows:

Effective Rehabilitation and Resettlement: of the Returning Africans from the inception of the decision to relocate, through supportive flights advice, Travel Information’s to pick-ups and International Freight Services.

Health: Returnees repeated NHS prescriptions for collections and deliveries, with reach out to reputable local Pharmacists/Medical Personnel.

Housing: Housing services through renowned local Estate Agents for re-housing and Real Estate Accommodation through listed local Builders/Developers.

Family: Re-union: reunion with families, extended and unit families through family trees, Age-Concern Homes, with Health Care Assistance (HCA) for Physically Challenged.
Social Events: Local Social Day Outings to Historical and Monumental Recreations.

Africans with British Citizenship (Dual Nationalities) OR anyone with the drive and capacity to accomodate social migration change to better humanity.

Any Returning Senior African Citizens /Professionals/Students/Diplomats and others with a minimum period of stay abroad to appreciate and be challenged to want to become an Agent of Blessings.

Asides from the aforementioned terms, you can apply for Executive Positions (COUNTRY MANAGERS, STATE GOVERNORS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMEN AND HONOURABLE VOLUNTEERS) without having travelled abroad, as long as you are in a paid Employment (Public/Private Enterprise) to be grateful to God and want to Return to Humanity in the Abundance of Grace and Prosperities.